Chief Shaw’s Successor.

Issue 2 and Volume 1892 11.

Chief Shaw’s Successor. The London county council has appointed Captain Simonds, for ten years second officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, to be chief officer in succession to Captain Shaw. In doing this the council administered a well-deserved snub to Shaw, who for years had been jealous of his able assistant, had kept him in the background as far as possible, and on retiring pressed the claims of an outsider, Captain Campbell, to the vacant post. Shaw’s intrigues prevailed so far that the general purposes committee of the council recommended Campbell, but the council itself overrode the committee’s choice and appointed Simonds by an overwhelming majority, to the great delight of the fire brigade men. Simonds will receive a salary to start with of ^800. He is a big, handsome man, forty eight years old, and knows a good deal about the American fire brigade system, of which he is…

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