The Brooklyn Pumping Engines of 1860.

Issue 2 and Volume 1892 11.

The Brooklyn Pumping Engines of 1860. (Continued.) There were three boilers for each engine in a side wing, with chimney arranged for supplying two engines; shells, 8 feet diameter, 30 feet long; steam drums, 4 feet diameter by 4 feet each; two furnaces, 6 feet 3 inches deep by 3 feet inches wide; doors fitted for air supply; four upper flues, l8 1/2 inches diameter, 21 feet 9 inches long; lower returns. 8 1/2 inches diameter; 7 in upper row, 6 in next, 3 in lowest, return, under boiler, to chimney conduit, 4 feet square, in brickwork; set in brickwork, tops covered with ashes, fronts felled; grate surface, each, 37.5 square feet; fire surface, 13.55 square feet, 903 effective; combustion, January, 1860, 11.86 pounds per square foot; evaporation by tank (212 degrees), 9 95 (July, 1860); by volumes, 9.27 pounds per pound coal burned; Hartford boiler, 8.39 pounds; Belleville. Cornish…

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