A Novel Fire Protection.

Issue 2 and Volume 1892 11.

A Novel Fire Protection. An interesting method of preventing a building from catching fire when adjacent buildings are burning has been adopted in the offices of a Glasgow (Scotland) paper. There is already in the building an efficient installation of automatic sprinklers for extinguishing fires which may come from within; but it is considered that there is just as much danger, if not more, from fires originating elsewhere. A supply pipe is therefore taken from the water tower which feeds the sprinklers and connected with a system of perforated malleable iron pipes which are carried along the ridge of the roof, the eaves and all over the windows. The pipes are usually kept absolutely dry, and to prevent their rusting they are coated with zinc. A pump is provided for forcing the water through the system of pipes and it can be brought into action almost instantaneously. The exterior of…

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