The Keene (N. H.) Water-works.

Issue 5 and Volume 1892 11.

The Keene (N. H.) Water-works. Superintendent Paul F. Babbidge of the Keene (N. H.) water-works has just issued his report for 1891, and it shows a very careful and satisfactory management of that branch of the city government. The service represents eleven miles of pipes laid during the year, with 106 gates added and 145 hydrants. Altogether the system involves the use of thirty miles of pipe. The reservoir, which is octagonal, is shown in the illustration. It was built in 1887, each of the eight sides being fifty feet long. Its capacity is 1,300,000 gallons. It is used only for distributing purposes, and is fed through an eight-inch pipe from Roaring brook, a tributary of the beautiful Echo lake. The water is of extra good quality.

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