The Sanitary Improvement of Stagnant Lakes.

Issue 5 and Volume 1892 11.

The Sanitary Improvement of Stagnant Lakes. It is my purpose in this brief paper to described an ingenious, and I think unique, method of making a practical use of some of the powers of Nature—powers which are oftentimes employed by Nature herself rather to the detriment of man, than to his advantage and profit. At various points along the Atlantic sea-coast are fresh-water lakes, made by the drainage of the surrounding country. Such lakes formerly existed at the well-known winter resort, Virginia Beach, Princess Anne county, Va., eighteen miles from Norfolk. Some years ago a channel was cut from one of these lakes, Lake Cypress to l.inkhorn creek, a distance of two miles This creek communicates with Lynn llaven inlet through Broad bay, and this in turn with Chesapeake bay. The level of the lake was such that the water soon ran off and left the liottom exposed to the…

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