Sanitary Improvement of Stagnant Lakes by the Seashore.

Issue 5 and Volume 1892 11.

Sanitary Improvement of Stagnant Lakes by the Seashore. THIS issue contains a reprint of a pamphlet illustrated by Joseph Raymond, M. D., of Brooklyn, upon this subject. The plan is in successful operation, and from information obtained from other sources is eliciting considerable attention from parties that are interested in the subject. It is not a new thing to utilize ocean wave energy for application to mechanical appliances ; for instance, the impetus of the waves to propel pumping machinery. The perusal of the paper will show how the impetus of the ocean wave is utilized to obtain a head of water above the mean level of the ocean. There are many places of summer resort along the Atlantic coast that possess the natural characteristics that were objectionable and have evidently been overcome at Virginia beach. It is to be hoped that this improvement of overcoming lake stagnation, particularly along…

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