A Visit to the Birmingham Fire Brigade Museum.

Issue 6 and Volume 1892 11.

A Visit to the Birmingham Fire Brigade Museum. A recent edition of The Birmingham (England) Daily Mail contained a very good description of the museum attached to the fire brigade of the city, and housed in the Upper Priory Fire Station. Prefacing his description of the museum with a few remarks respecting the fire station itself, the writer of the article turns his attention to the wall of the engine shed, where he notes a strange collection of objects. You might, says he, at first sight suppose they were the treasures of an antiquary, the museum of some .worthy who had been scratching in the excavations of Pompeii. Pieces of fused metal, resembling lava, a square patch, apparently of some cloth manufactured in primitive times, broken window casing, charred wood of ancient look, peculiar plastering keyed with rushes, would assist such an impression. Yet in the middle, in a frame,…

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