A New Hydraulic Enterprise.

Issue 6 and Volume 1892 11.

A New Hydraulic Enterprise. Among the passengers on the French steamer which arrived in New York very recently, was M. Barre of France, the inventor of the gliding railway, propelled by hydraulic force. M. Barre is a French engineer of large experience, who has devoted himself for several years to the development of this new transportation power. The invention while novel had its origin as far back as 1854, in the mind of a French mechanical engineer of distinction. He labored industriously for its perfection, receiving aid meanwhile from Napoleon III., but an end was put to his experiments by the breaking out of the Franco-Prussian war, in which he lost his life. M. Barre had been his co-worker and after the lapse of a few years applied himself to the further development of the scheme of his friend. The motive power is water and the train is propelled over…

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