Plumbing Practice—Branch Pipes.

Issue 6 and Volume 1892 11.

Plumbing Practice—Branch Pipes. As we progress in the arts and sciences it is reasonable to look for the evidences in practical plumbing work. Perhaps there is not found in the field of science a more prolific specialty for practical improvement than in plumbing practice. It is to be admitted that many plumbers are quite ignorant of the advantages that would obtain if a proper conception were entertained of the character of frictional resistances due to the diversion of a water column in a water service pipe. The plumber is really not to blame, for the obvious reason that his practice in his profession has seldom ever called for the consideration of the question. TO the thinking, scientific, and progressive plumber, however, if he would investigate the subject, it would prove of advantage to him and his clients in the way of obtaining the best possible results compatible with circumstances that…

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