Issue 6 and Volume 1892 11.

SEWERAGE. A new sewerage system will shortly be constructed at Meriden, Conn. Numerous improvements and changes are to be made on the new sewer system at Niagara, Falls. N. Y. Lewiston (N. Y.) is contemplating the construction of a sewerage system. A Scranton (Pa.) man has invented an electric sewer gas indicator. A flexible or elastic diaphragm is placed in a sewer pipe in combination with a suspended contact point, which when it comes in contact with a screw sounds an alarm. Janesville, Md., is preparing to establish a sewerage system. Sealed proposals for sections thirteen and fourteen of the Metropolitan sewerage system, Boston, will be opened February 27. The great brick sewer in Arlington, N. J., is to be extended to Frame creek in the meadows near the Hackensack. The board of directors of the street and sewer department of Wilmington, Del., are considering plans for new sewers in…

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