Scientific Progress.

Issue 7 and Volume 1892 11.

Scientific Progress. Intellect is the great factor in commercial success, says Aluminum Age, whether of individuals or nations. Take the case of the skilled bricklayer and the hod carrier. The first is using brains on his work; the second is using brute force. When he goes up the ladder with his hod of bricks he has also to carry his own weight, thus wastefully expending force. Some one notices this, and substitutes for the brute force of the human that of the horse; then the horse is displaced by the mechanical force of the steam engine, which can do the work of fifteen men or of two horses in the same time. Coal converted into heat is doing all the work. The coal mined each year in the United States represents in actual work more than the sum of the force of the total population of the globe, assuming all…

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