Issue 9 and Volume 1892 11.

WELL DRILLING NOTES The sum of $5000 has been appropriated for the construction of an artesian well at Sulphur Springs, Tex. The city council can give information. The artesian well at McKinney, Tex., is down 460 feet. The drill is going through a chalk formation. It is reported that the Southern Pacific Railroad Company will sink at Adonde Station, Ariz., for artesian water. This point is thirty miles east of Yuma. The Artesian Water Company in Memphis, Tenn., is making preparations to extensively enlarge its plant, as its petition to the council confirms. It wants to sink twenty wells to reach artesian sands, and connect the wells with a five-foot tunnel, ninety feet under the surface under Auction street, along Fifth street, north to Mill street and west to Third street. For several weeks the Helena (Ark.) Water-works Company have been driving wells for the purpose of obtaining a supply…

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