Life Car Aerial Truck.

Issue 11 and Volume 1892 11.

Life Car Aerial Truck. Among the latest additions to fire department apparatus is the Gleason & Bailey Company life car aerial truck, which is an aerial ladder with a wore toboggan car attachment. The car is built like a double-ended toboggan, with wire sides and straps and slides upon the rungs of the ladder. It is drawn up and lowered by a fireproof rope at the top of the extension ladder. It can be taken into a window, and excited or sick persons can be placed into it and theh returned to the ladder. The rope is secured to an arrangement on the platform of the truck and the toboggan car will the first time shoot up with the extension ladder and arrive at the window at the same time. It can be rapidly lowered by friction. It is quickly returned upward by pulling the rope by hand. While this…

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