What is a Fireproof Building?

Issue 11 and Volume 1892 11.

What is a Fireproof Building? IT is conceded that a building constructed of brick, stone, iron, clay baked partitions and arches, marble floors and staircases is a fireproof one in a qualified sense. It being understood that in themselves there is nothing to cause a conflagration and that in the event of a fire occurring in the building thus constructed or adjacent to it, the chance for extinguishing the same and resisting the adjacent fire would in reason be better than if the building were constructed of other than so-called fireproof building material. Critically speaking and using the old-fashioned Saxon in an old-fashioned way, would it not be in good form, nearer the truth and not so apt to mislead the people, to say that the socalled fireproof building is a structure intended to resist the action of fire and heat in point of enduring qualities to a greater degree…

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