How They Do Things in the Wooly West.

Issue 15 and Volume 1892 11.

How They Do Things in the Wooly West. One of the latest booms to attract public attention is the one now raging at Crede, Colorado, and in spite of ice and snow, and most disagreeable weather, a bleak waste has suddenly become a populous colony, and the tide is still swelling. The history of the Crede electric light plant shows how business is done in a booming town. At noon on February 1, John W. Flinthaw, manager of the Denver Electric Light Company, conceived the idea of starting a plant at Crede. It dawned on him as a sort of inspiration, but the obstacles were such as to discourage almost any one. He knew that someone else would think of it soon, and probably get in ahead of them. The only way was to remove the obstacles, and put in a plant at once. Touching an electric button, Mr. Flinthaw…

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