Does Grounding the Neutral Wire Increase Fire Hazards?

Issue 15 and Volume 1892 11.

Does Grounding the Neutral Wire Increase Fire Hazards? There exists a difference of opinion among electricians, says The Age, as to the advisability of grounding electric light wires. One party contends that such practice increases the fire hazard, while the other argues from the opposite standpoint. The investigation into this important subject which the New York Board of Fire Underwriters recently undertook, resulted, on March 10, at a special meeting, in the offering of a set of resolutions requiring that electric companies discontinue the practice of intentionally grounding any portion of their equipment, and requiring that all such grounds now existing shall be removed on or before October 1 next. This action was based upon the report of Prof. Henry Morton in answer to questions propounded by the committee on police and origin of fires, with reference to fire hazards from the grounding of electric wires, and particularly the middle…

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