How a Thermometer is Made.

Issue 15 and Volume 1892 11.

How a Thermometer is Made. The making of a thermometer may be either a delicate scientific operation, or one of the simplest tasks of the skilled mechanic, according to the sort of thermometer made. With the extremely sensitive and minutely accurate instruments designed for scientific uses great care is taken, and they are kept in stock for months, sometimes for years, to be compared and recompared with instruments that are known to be trustworthy. But so much time cannot be spent over the comparatively cheap thermometers in common use. and these are made rapidly, though always carefully. The method of manufacture has been so systematized within a few years, that the very cheapest thermometer should not vary more than a fraction of a degree Irom the correct point. Whether the thermometer is to be charged with mercury or alcohol, whether it is to be mounted in a frame of wood,…

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