Experimenting With Oil as Fuel.

Issue 16 and Volume 1892 11.

Experimenting With Oil as Fuel. For some months we have been watching with interest an experiment in oil burning upon a large scale undertaken by the Tremont and Suffolk Mills at Lowell, Mass. The decision, after a thoroughly practical trial, to adopt this class of fuel, and a continuance in its use, would, in the case of these extensive and well-known mills, have an important bearing upon the immediate future of oil as fuel among the New England industries. They are at present using the oil under eight 6-foot boilers, sixteen feet in length. The cost of the fuel Mr. Thomas, the agent, informs us is not less than that of coal, but advantages are found in the ease with which the oil is handled, the saving of help in the fire room and in handling ashes, the uniformity of the furnace temperature, and in the consequent cleanliness and neatness.…

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