Serious Fires in Mandalay.

Issue 16 and Volume 1892 11.

Serious Fires in Mandalay. A correspondent in the Burmahin capital sends us some interesting facts regarding that strange country. He says: The fire that started in Mandalay yesterday, burned itself out after causing immense damage. To-day there were two fresh outbreaks. The first, which occurred in the eastern part of the city, had its origin in a cluster of huts. The flames spread for a mile, when the wind changed and drove them back to the law courts. Thence they extended toward the “Incomparable Pagoda,” destroying a number of large and valuable pagodas in its path. To-night a third fire has just broke out in the British cantonment, and the flames are raging furiously. It is impossible as yet to form any estimate of the money loss, but it will be immense. Mandalay, the capitol of Burmah, fell into the hands of the British when they conquered Upper Burmah a…

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