Issue 16 and Volume 1892 11.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. The Indian appropriation bill, which passed the United States Senate, is now to be considered by the House committee on Indian affairs. Congressman Pickler secured an amendment to the bill designating $4500 of the irrigation money to be used in putting down a well for the Indian school at Pierre. The artesian well being drilled at the corner of Mary and South Fourth streets, in Waco, Tex., is 1800 feet deep. This means that it is within thirty feet of the hot water stratum. In this well the great ton drill, or rather the drill and stem, has been thumping in the earth uninterruptedly for forty days and nights. The walking beam, swinging with its ponderous seesaw motion, has never halted since it commenced, and during the entire process the inclosure has been crowded with spectators, viewing the piercing of earth’s crust in a wonderful exploration after…

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