The New Orleans Fire.

Issue 16 and Volume 1892 11.

The New Orleans Fire. WE notice a disposition in certain quarters to disparage the newly organized paid department of New Orleans, and attributing the tremendous loss of property on April 3 to its incompetency. Without question, the citizens of New Orleans have had an opportunity to pass judgment on the efficiency of the new fire service. It was an opportunity that no one desired. It was of such awful magnitude, so utterly out of proportion to the resources of the department or to any emergency contemplated in its organization, that one can hardly regard the fight made by the firemen as anything but a desperate struggle against overwhelming odds. In the cotton presses the fire fed upon a material almost as inflammable as gunpowder and practically as inextinguishable. In the residence area there were great numbers of frame buildings huddled close together, rendered still more dangerous by a protracted drought…

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