Issue 18 and Volume 1892 11.

WELL DRILLING NOTES W. D. Davis of Statesboro, Ga., will sink an artesian well. R. R. Rouse of Indianapolis has secured the contract to sink eight driven wells down to soft water in the city of Terre Haute. Two will be sunk for the Terre Haute car works with a pipe eight inches in diameter. The artesian well at Helena, Mont., is now down about 850 feet. Work has been suspended for about six weeks, pending the arrival of tools from the East. It is believed operations will begin again within a week, and that there will be no further delay until the hole is down 2000 feet, or water or gas has been struck. The artesian well in Fairfield, Fla., which has for a long time been a possibility of the future, has at last materialized and the work of drilling is about to be begun. The necessary machinery…

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