The Ashland (Ky) Water-Works.

Issue 18 and Volume 1892 11.

The Ashland (Ky) Water-Works. Two years ago a tidal wave of improvement set in in the progressive city of Ashland, Ky., and one of the practical results is the water-works system which was completed and opened a few days ago. Whatever differences there may have been as to the plans of procuring these improvements, or as to the expediency of procuring them at all, it must be admitted that the plant constructed by the Ashland Water Supply Company is a splendid one, fully up to, and in some parts superior to, the requirements of the ordinance granting the franchise. It promises to he durable and efficient. The principal owners of the properly are Engineer John M. Gardiner and Dr. T. I). M’Glasson. Eighteen months ago Mr. Gardiner set about to select a site upon which to drive wells and locate the pump house. After driving a number of wells m…

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