The Pipe Shaft in Plumbing.

Issue 18 and Volume 1892 11.

The Pipe Shaft in Plumbing. AMONG recent improvements in connection with plumbing work in office and large buildings is the pipe shaft. It was, not long ago, a secondary thought among architects and builders, that the question of plumbing work did not merit the consideration it now claims in the matter of arrangement and portrayal of details in plans and specifications- Plumbing apparatus at one time was located anywhere upon the several floors of a building without critically considering the difficulties that would probably prevail in the use of them. In fact, the indiscriminate arrangement of details of plumbing work oftener caused the condemnation of plumbing rather than the methods of construction. If the architect failed to appreciate the importance of arranging the details of plumbing work, and specifications were vague upon the question of details, it was not to be expected that competing plumbers would supply the deficiency. On…

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