Issue 18 and Volume 1892 11.

SEWERAGE. The Terre Haute (Ind.) sewer job scandal, which has resulted in the incarceration of Editor William O. Fishback in the Vigo county jail, will come before the Supreme Court on oral argument next week. Mr. Fishback is the editor of The Terre Haute Express. The immediate cause of his incarceration in the jail was an article which he wrote for the Express, and also an article which was published in The Chicago Tribune, asserting that the judge of the Circuit Court, B. N. Taylor, had stopped the grand jury investigation of the sewer scandal because of the prominence of certain Democratic politicians who were involved in it, and also because of the undue influence of John E. Lamb with the court and the prosecuting attorney. Contempt proceedings were instituted against Fishback before Judge Taylor, who fined him $300 and added imprisonment of thirty days in jail. Fishback is now…

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