Spiral Riveted Pipe.

Issue 19 and Volume 1892 11.

Spiral Riveted Pipe. This new form of pipe is manufactured from a high grade of sheet iron or sheet steel, varying in thickness from No. 28 to No. 12. Birmingham wire gauge. The sheet metal from the mill is first cut into suitable strips, the width of which varies according to the diameter of the pipe to be manufactured. These single strips are then, by either a riveting or welding machine, formed into continuous strips of any desired lengths. The former method of joining the ends of the strips is usually employed for the lighter gauges of iron and the latter method for the heavier gauges. The above referred to continuous strip is, by means of an automatic feed, forced into the pipe-making machine, and during its transit through the same the rivet holes are punched, the laps or edges of the strip are brought together under heavy pressure, and…

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