Issue 20 and Volume 1892 11.

OUR PORTRAITS. HORACE G. H. TARR. Horace G. H. Tarr was born in Missouri in 1844, of New England parentage. His father conducted one of the first wagon trains crossing the plains early in 1849, coming East again in 1852 for the purpose of removing his family to California. Returning he was drowned in the wreck of the illfated steamer Independence. After living some time in California, Horace Tarr came to New York, and was educated under the direction of his guardian, Moses Lane, chief engineer of the Brooklyn Waterworks. The beginning of the war found him working in the old Woodruff & Beach Iron Works at Stratford, then rushing night and day on the engines for the Kcarsarge and several less historic vessels of out old gunboat fleet. In 1862 he went to the field as Adjutant of the 20th Conn. Volunteers, and served until the close of the…

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