Issue 20 and Volume 1892 11.

WELL DRILLING NOTES An artesian well project is being discussed at Midland, Tex. Artesian water has been struck at Kerrville, Tex., at a depth of 135 feet. The Artesian Water Company of Newtown, Pa., has declared a dividend of two and one-hatf per cent clear of taxes. This is the first one declared, but the extensions are now mostly completed, and it is thought the company will be able hereafter to pay regular semi-annual dividends. The Hillsboro (Tex.) city council will at its next regular meeting open bids for the sinking of an artesian well. This city has an abundant supply of shallow well water, hut as yet all efforts towards securing a system of water-works have proved unavailing. Strange to say, the city is amply able to contract for the work, and twice has the matter been considered settled, but in each instance after the preparation of the ordinance…

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