Issue 20 and Volume 1892 11.

SEWERAGE. Considerable sewerage and street work is contemplated at Stamford. Conn., but no decided steps have yet been taken by the authorities toward beginning. W. B. Pierce, borough engineer, can give information when definite action is taken. When Nantucket (Mass.) voted last winter to appropriate $36,000 to commence a system of sewerage, there was a general cry made by the opposition that the vote was illegal, on account of the wording of the article in the warrant under which the vote was taken. As a compromise the town voted at Wednesday’s meeting to submit the matter to another vote. As a result the whole matter was defeated by a vote of 245 for and 217 against, the law requiring a two-thirds vote. Acting under the principle that no city is a good city until it has a perfect sewer system, the Peoria (Ill.) council at the last meeting passed enough…

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