A New Gate Valve.

Issue 20 and Volume 1892 11.

A New Gate Valve. The Ross Valve Company of Troy, N. Y., is placing in the market a new gate valve. It will be known as the Mobile Wedge. It is a new departure in the method of wedging the gates, and will not fail to attract the attention of all users of valves. It was only recently patented, but is already a favorite with those who have given it a trial. The special feature is the rolling action of the movable wedge, by means of which a uniform pressure is exerted over the entire back of the gates, and this is accomplished without any sliding of the valves on their faces. Itconsistsof twopairof x-shaped bearing blocks, a rolling wedge between the pairs and a seating plunger which bears in the centre of valve case when the valve is in a closed position, as shown in the cut. The pressure…

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