Issue 22 and Volume 1892 11.

MISCELLANEOUS. A very popular lantern, and one that has been adopted by many of the largest departments in the country, is the Dietz tabular fire department lantern. It possesses many qualities especially required in the fire service, and they are strongly Commended to firemen everywhere. The R. E. Dietz Company is in New York and Chicago. Scribner’s Magazine for June continues the scries on “ The poor in great cities ” (which is attracting the widest attention), with an article on “ l.ife in New York tenement houses, as seen by a city missionary,” by the Rev. William T. Elsing, who for nine years has worked in the tenement house district in close association with all phases of that life. As minister of the De Witt Memorial Church, he has commanded the trust and affection of a great body of people of many nationalities. Mr. Elsing’s article aims to represent…

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