The Water Supply of New Orleans

Issue 22 and Volume 1892 11.

The Water Supply of New Orleans “Where love is, there is no labor; and if there be labor, that labor is loved.”—AUSTIN. Although overtaxed with work, of which our mutual and genial friend, L. H. Gardner, is well aware, I have mindful of the above quotation assented to his request to prepare a paper to be read at your meeting. On account of the haste in which the same has been written, I appeal to your leniency in order that it may not be judged too severely or criticised too harshly. The subject of this paper is : A few words regarding the water supply of the city of New Orleans. The sources of supply are : Rain water. Ground water; shallow or surface wells, artesian or deep wells. River water. Notwithstanding the fact that the great Mississippi flows by our doors, the chief dependence of the people for their…

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