Who Ought to do the Plumbing.

Issue 23 and Volume 1892 11.

Who Ought to do the Plumbing. A PAPER upon this subject was read before the recent American water-works convention by L. E. Gray of Albany, Ore. In reviewing the paper we are compelled to admit that we have a great deal of sympathy for him in his trouble with the plumbers, yet we very much doubt if his ideas of the remedy suggested would be practicable. Mr. Gray thinks the difficulties growing out of bad plumbing would pass away if the water companies did the work and assumed the responsibility incident thereto—that waste of water would be very much reduced, etc. The water companies truly are interested in the question of local distribution, and it is eminently proper that they should make every possible effort to secure a good class of plumbing work. For the character of this work largely determines the measure of waste of water, be it great…

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