The First English Fire Engine.

Issue 23 and Volume 1892 11.

The First English Fire Engine. A correspondent of The Fireman of London writes: Very likely you have already seen the following, but I send it in case you have not. In Notes and Queries of September 29, 1860, A. de Morgan writes: “In this book (by Lucar, see below) occurs what is perhaps the first mention and drawing, in this country at least, of a fire engine. As Lucar announces in his title that the contents are in part devised by himself, and as he makes no special mention of what is his own, I suspect that he is here describing his own invention.” Yours faithfully, T. S. GOWER PLAGE, W. C., April 13, 1892. “ A TREATISE NAMED LUCARSOIACE, DIVIDED INTO POWER BOOKES.-BY CYPRIAN LUCAR, 1590. “ I will set before your eyes a type of a squirt which hath been devised to cast much water upon a burning…

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