The Newark Reservoir.

Issue 25 and Volume 1892 11.

The Newark Reservoir. There is a strong probability now that some arrangement will speedily be made with the East Jersey Water Company by which the latter can be helped out of its financial difficulties, which consist of having to pay interest upon the money which it has borrowed and put into the construction of the Newark reservoirs and conduits. The company does not know where to turn for money, it is said, and is now in a position to plead with the city of Newark to help it out of the difficulty upon its promise to furnish a temporary supply and to complete the works in accordance with the contract. It has been claimed that the water company has spent $4,000000, $500,000 of which was borrowed in Newark and $3,000,000 paid in by the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company. The w’ater company has undoubtedly got a representative in Newark smoothing the…

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