Jamaica’s Water Muddle.

Issue 2 and Volume 1892 12.

Jamaica’s Water Muddle. There was reasonably good ground for supposing two weeks ago that the town of Jamaica (L. I.) water question was settled at least for five years, and all interested parties were happy. After Mondays meeting of the town board, however, the whole thing becomes problematical. It will be remembered that the contract, which was all ready to be executed two weeks ago, was in reality an amendment to a contract that had two years to run, and which was obnoxious to a great many taxpayers and consumers. The district benefited by the water system bore the tax burden, the portions of the town not benefited being free from the tax, which was according to the laws at that time. Since then an amendment has been passed making it obligatory to tax the whole town for such an improvement. At the meeting of the town board the question…

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