Defective Sewer Connection with a Hot Water Boiler.

Issue 2 and Volume 1892 12.

Defective Sewer Connection with a Hot Water Boiler. We herewith produce a sketch furnished by C. E. Rider, C. E., South Norwalk, Conn., of a blow-off boiler attachment connected to a sewer pipe, between the main sewer pipe trap and the sewer, Mr. Rider writes that he made an examination of the premises in which the boiler was located, and discoverd the blow-off valve open, the result being that after the boiler was emptied of water “the sewer gas passed through the blow-off pipe to the boiler, thence through the steam and return pipes to the radiators and through the air cocks into the several rooms.” It is the old story, and nothing more may be said than what has often been hitherto mentioned, that when good and efficient work is required, employ none but the best skill to perform it. It would be well for the people of South…

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