Franchises for Private Water-Works.

Issue 2 and Volume 1892 12.

Franchises for Private Water-Works. THERE is this much to be said in their favor. If public spirit is not alive enough to meet the demands of the people in their efforts to obtain a public water supply, and the necessity is prominent for a water supply, then it cannot, in reason, be a foundation to find fault with capital seeking to obtain a franchise to supply water to the town under as favorable circumstances as possible. Capital will not invest in private water-works unless protected by liberal terms made with the town, and it is unreasonable to expect otherwise. It is unfair and unbusinesslike to give capital an opportunity to be invested profitably in the development of a water-works plant, and then seek, by appealing to the prejudices of the people, to destroy their investment by taking away their charter privileges and the inherent rights given to them. “ It’s…

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