A Fire that Destroyed 3000 Houses.

Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

A Fire that Destroyed 3000 Houses. The fire which succeeded in wiping a large portion of Mandalay out of existence a few months ago broke out when the wind was careering along at the respectable rate of 40 miles an hour. It swallowed up 2986 houses, of which eleven were made of brick and the rest of bamboo and wood. It is certified, under the hand and seal of the superintendent of the Mandalay fire brigade, that the time occupied in consuming a bamboo house is a trifle under two minutes by the stop watch. The cost of these trumpery little huts is not more than a few rupees. So little do the Burmese care for yieir habitations that it is common, in Mandalay, to put off paying the house tax till the collector will stand it no longer, and then to clear out of the house,’ letting the “publican”…

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