Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. Very soon after the sewer in Bayley street, Pawtucket. R. I., was completed, the manufacturers in that vicinity noticed that their supply of water in wells decreased, and in a short time disappeared altogether. Some of them, where the soil was agreeable, dug the wells deeper, or dug new ones and procured a sufficient supply. Joshua S. White, however, was unable to do this. He had two wells, one thirteen feet deep, with the bottom on a ledge, and the other seventeen feet deep, with a soil bottom. He attempted to drive a well from the bottom of the deeper one, but soon struck a ledge. Then he attempted to drive one in another locality but failed. He is now having a well bored in the ledge at the bottom of the well first mentioned, in the hope of striking water some time. A four-inch hole is…

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