Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

WATER SUPPLY ITEMS. A bulletin, the tenth of the series devoted to irrigation in the arid States and Territories, has been prepared by F. H. Newell, special agent of the census office for the collection of statistics of irrigation, under the direction of John Hyde, special agent in charge of the statistics of all branches of agriculture, and relates to the State of Washington, in which there are 1046 farms that are irrigated out of a total of 11,237 farms in the thirteen counties in which irrigation is practiced. The total area of land upon which crops were raised by irrigation in the census year ending May 31, 1890, was 48,799 acres. The average size of the irrigated farms or, more strictly, of irrigated portions of farms on which crops were raised, is fortyseven acres. The average first cost of water right is $4.03 per acre, and the average cost…

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