The Plains of the Columbia Fiver.

Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

The Plains of the Columbia Fiver. The great plains of the Columbia river form the most striking topographic feature. These extend from the foothills of the Cascade range eastward to the mountains of Idaho, and from the mountainous or broken region below the border of British Columbia southward across the State. The Columbia river coming from the British possessions flows in a direction a little nest of south until it has fairly entered the plain or plateau region, where it is diverted sharply toward the west, and with many meandcrings flows for some distance in the latter direction, then bends toward the south and southeast, describing roughly a half circle around the greater part of these high plains. Throughout this distance the river has cut for itself a deep gorge, in which it flows from 1000 to 20CO feet below the general level. These plains owe their existence, in part…

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