The Archibald Wheel.

Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

The Archibald Wheel. The Archibald wheel, almost exclusively used in the manufacture of fire apparatus, is so singular in its construction that we subjoin an illustration of the process. There appears to be a natural prejudice in favor of the venerable wood hub, and against an all-metal hub wheel that is hard to overcome. The facts show that for heavy service the metallic hub is preferable, even as used in New England cities before the advent of the Archibald press process of manufacture. By this process the utmost accuracy is attained, all parts in each size being interchangeable. The pressure is distributed evenly and simultaneously upon every joint of the wheel, and is so made and held while undergoing the pressure that it is of necessity perfectly round and true, and will remain so as no other wheel possibly can. The spokes cannot work loose in the hub, and the…

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