Moscow’s Recent Great Fire.

Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

Moscow’s Recent Great Fire. According to The London Fireman tne great fire which broke out in Moscow on Monday, May 30th. got ahogether beyond the control of the fire department, and at one time it seemed that a disaster of considerable dimensions to the city was impending. The clergy of one of the churches took the matter in hand at this point, and paraded the streets in procession, bearing the sacred images and relics and chanting a litany, much as the clergy did in these islands and elsewhere centuries ago. The priests of the Greek church do not appear to have expected miraculous assistance on this occasion; at all events they did not obtain it. The fire burned from one o’clock in the afternoon till well on into the next morning, and by the time the wind subsided and the firemen were able to get the upper hand, four streets…

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