The Brooklyn Water-Works.

Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

The Brooklyn Water-Works. To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER : Will you kindly name the date of the Brooklyn waterworks celebration , also the time of the Atlantic cable celebration in New York ? READER. Water was first introduced to this city in November. 1858, and the event was duly celebrated April 27 and 28. 1859. The first telegram was received through the first Atlantic cable August 16, 1858. There was a grand celebration in New York close upon that time, with illuminations and fireworks displays in the evening. The cable, however, was a failure. After several unsuccessful attempts, the Atlantic Telegraph Company was reconstituted as the Anglo-American Telegraph Company, Limited, in March, 1866. The fifth attempt was made and was successful. The cable was completed on July 28, 1867. The Chamber of Commerce celebrated the grand event in a dinner to Cyrus W. Kidd at the Metropolitan Hotel…

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