The Austin (Tex.) Dam.

Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

The Austin (Tex.) Dam. J. T. Fanning in submitting his report to the Board of Public Works, Austin, Tex., on the new water-works system in that city, writes of the dam as follows : On inspection of the new dam in progress, in company with the board, I was impressed with the magnitude of the engineering work and especially with the exceeding great responsibility which the city has committed to the board. I find that the dam which you have projected will raise the water of the river sixty feet above the former low water level, that it will have a maximum height to its crest of seventy feet, and that its crest overfall will be about 1100 feet and twenty-five feet long and that the dam will flow the water twenty one miles up the v.illey, creating an extensive lake. This dam is being constructed of solid masonry and…

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