St. Johns’ Terrific Blaze.

Issue 3 and Volume 1892 12.

St. Johns’ Terrific Blaze. For the fourth time in its history St. Johns, the capital of Newfoundland, has been swept by fire, and to-day 20,000 people are homeless and $25,000,000 worth of property has vanished in smoke. Exactly to the day, forty-six years ago a fire broke out in St. Johns’ that destroyed a great part of the city. Damage was done amounting to £ 1,000,000, and several lives were lost in the flames. In 1816 $500,000 worth of property was destroyed, and a year later $200,000. On Friday afternoon a tire broke out that far exceeds in extent of money, damage and loss of life that of the disastrous conflagration above referred to. About 4 o’clock a house on Long’s hill was discovered to be on fire. The firemen responded promptly to the alarm, but when they arrived the southwest wind that was prevailing had caused the fire to…

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