The Sewerage Systems of Sydney, Australia.

Issue 4 and Volume 1892 12.

The Sewerage Systems of Sydney, Australia. The northern main outfall sewer starts from the junction of Newtown and Parramatta roads, just at the city boundary, and runs to the junction of College and Liverpool streets. From here it continues along Liverpool street for some distance, thence across Lacrozea Valley and on through the hill to Edgecliff road. After coming through this it crosses the low sandy area at the head of Rose bay, once more plunges into the hillside opposite and finally reaches the ocean, about half a mile north of Ben Buckler. The total length of the whole is five and one-half miles. The sewer is oviform throughout and of varying dimensions. At the upper end it is five feet by four feet and gradually increases in size as it progresses, tili it reaches the last mile, when it becomes eight feet six inches by seven feet six inches.…

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