Issue 4 and Volume 1892 12.

SEWERAGE. A most valuable and important industrial discovery is that recently made by R. G. Guptell, a glass manufacturer of Andeison, Ind. He has rediscovered the lost art of casting glass pipes, which is claimed to have been carried on by the ancient Egyptians. Some capitalists have been interested in the invention, a factory has been erected at Pendleton, Ind., and last week the first castings were successfully made. The pipes are said to he cheaper than ever, as well as more durable and cleaner. They are suitable for sewers and for gas and water mains. The city council of Lynn, Mass., has appropriated $20,000 for sewerage construction. An important decision has been rendered in favor of Denver. The case of the town of Globeville for an injunction restraining the city from dumping garbage at Thirty-fifth street came before Judge Burns. The court held that if the prayer of the…

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