The Dirtiest City in the World.

Issue 4 and Volume 1892 12.

The Dirtiest City in the World. United States Consul Hedloe, writing to The Practitioner from Amoy, China, says that city bears the unenviable reputation of being the dirtiest and most unhealthful city on the globe. The reputation is thoroughly deserved. What is a more unpleasant fact is the promise of the present tendency of affairs to a lower and worse condition. The reasons are obvious to a newcomer at a glance. The city is built on the edge of a mountainous island and is exceedingly old. Inscriptions on ancient tombs run back as far as the beginning of the Chrstian era, and coins found in accidentally discovered graves date to dynasties from 500 to 1000 B. C. During all this period the hillsides of the city have been used as burying grounds. As the population increased, the houses encroached upon the cemetery land until finally the two became hopelessly intermixed.…

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